• Fred P. aka Black Jazz Consortium.
  • DJ Deep.
  • DJ Nobu.
  • Fantastic Man.
  • Tuff Sherm.
  • Dan White Live.
  • Michael Ozone.
  • Mall Grab.
  • Echo Inspectors.
  • Jordan Peters.
  • Hold Tight.


Andromeda is an open air electronic music festival situated at Ivory’s Rock, 45 minutes west of Brisbane, Australia. It is set against breathtaking surrounds and rolling luscious green fields, sprinkled with vibrant sunshine and star-lit night skies that create an awe inspiring backdrop. Our campgrounds are host to the best facilities imaginable. We’ve got you covered.

Our purpose is to create an experience that is genuinely transcendent. One that immerses your soul and which guides you into a state of mind that exists only for those three days and two nights.

An experience that lives on well after the last records are played, in connection with countless memories forged that stay with you for the rest of your life. 

Our goal is to build on the immensity created the year before with each new edition. This year we have assembled a cross section of the biggest names in electronic music from across the globe alongside some of Australia’s most forward thinking artists and local heroes. 

We’re not stopping there. We take great care in meticulously crafting the right sound at our events. It’s paramount in creating that all important energy and atmosphere. We’ll be increasing the voltage by moving into an even bigger VOID system this year and distilling our collective experience by concentrating our efforts to produce the ideal programmed spread of uncompromising artists to give you the best festival experience possible.

Event: 30th October – 1st November 2015


We promote the idea of catalysing the creative vices of various art mediums, it's imperative to being inspired. It really doesn't matter if you write, paint, or take photos of the night sky by yourself late at night as the stars drift over us. It's a base for creativity, as long as it doesn't negatively impact those you share this with.

The music at Andromeda is about pushing what you think you already know about electronica, it's a life force on its own.


How you interact with everyone and the world we all live in brings on that connectivity of letting everything you're a part of impact you. Allowing the concept of immediacy and the rush of being pulled into a different world is a life changing moment, and we encourage everyone to get lost in that thought. The headspace of what you'll take away from this isn't limited to anything at all, only your own idea of what it means to you.


The world we live in and what you do within it is nothing without this, so it's imperative that we look after it and the event space throughout the duration of the festival. We go into the weekend with a beautiful space and that's how we'll always leave it behind.

Please use your own conscious when making decisions about your waste and what you've brought with you. Keep your own camping space clean, and be mindful of your cigarette butts and your used alcohol.

People & Respect.

It's important to live out a harmony with everyone else and contribute to the ethos of that futuristic idea of what Andromeda means to everyone, so it's a minimum expectation that everyone keeps that thought with them throughout the event.

Get Involved.


To apply to become involved in
Andromeda please complete the
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  • Music Submission 
  • VJ's & Multimedia 
  • Decor & Installation 
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